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Inspire Training Solutions

Professional Training & Coaching Service


Why Inspire?

Mission, Vision & Values

At Inspire Training Solutions we deliver high quality professional training and coaching to support individuals to unlock and fulfil their potential. Our service strives to improve performance by inspiring people, to inspire change which inspires results; which is at the heart of everything we do.

Core Values

  1. Inspire People - We believe in motivating individuals and in doing so help them open their minds and to think differently

  2. Inspire Change - We improve self-awareness and awareness of others through effective communication and active listening, unlocking and fulfilling thier creative potential

  3. Inspire Results - We combine our expertise with a practical down to earth approach during our sessions, empowering individuals to develop solution focused strategies.

Distance Learning

What We Offer...

We offer a wide range of one day training and life coaching services to support you. We provide coaching on the following;

  1. Leadership Skills

  2. Communication (Verbal and Written) Skills

  3. Presentation Skills

  4. CV Writing & Interview Skills

  5. Customer Service

  6. Conflict Resolution Skills

  7. Life Coaching

Online Learning

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